Friday, October 21, 2016

A Homeschool Day

It's been awhile again, I know. My only excuse is that I had a baby. (Smile). You can read about her here.

We started first grade and preschool homeschooling about 6 weeks ago. All I can say is it is definitely not the picture in my head that I thought it would be! But, overall, it has been a success. Wesley needs to be prodded for phonics and writing practice but he enjoys math, science, history and any other subject that requires me reading to him or him doing an activity or us playing a game together.

I had in my head it would all be nice and neat, sitting at the table with it quiet around us. That has not been the case but there has been a lot of life around us and learning has taken place which is all I can ask for right now. :)

So above is a picture of one of homeschool days. We were having snacks while doing school. I had just finished feeding Madeline, while also trying to do school. David is looking at an alligator craft for the letter A from the computer. Catherine is gracefully digging out large scoops of cream cheese with triscuits. I think she ate half the tub! She has a piece of paper to "color" on with a marker but it is only covered in cream cheese. (By the way, I had to put her in her room secured with a baby gate the previous two days because she was reeking havoc all over the house!) Beside Wes is a Beatrix Potter Treasury book. We read the Tale of Squirrel Nutkin. Then we practiced some phonics in the book The Reading Lesson. Next, for math and writing combined, he practiced writing numbers. For math and history combined, we played a modified version of a Native American Passomaquady game where you roll dice and count out that many sticks from a pile of sticks. Whoever has the most sticks when the pile runs out wins. This is for practicing counting, adding, counting by twos, etc. Wes is extremely competitive with others and against himself so games and racing himself with a timer for number facts is a big hit! Then we went outside and raced around the house a few times (so happy to be able to run again but I'm out of shape!). Then we practiced the standing long jump and David made up a hopping race.

The kids continued to play outside while I made lunch which we were going to eat outside but the yellow jackets chased us away. At lunch I read a short devotional that I forgot to read at breakfast. And then I read some Aesop fables.

Soon, I will write what I'm actually teaching for first grade and preschool. Hopefully. Again, not making promises. I don't have a good track record!

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